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8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Advertise on Facebook

Updated: May 26, 2020

Facebook Ads are Powerful!

The list of features and marketing benefits that Facebook’s advertising platform brings to the table is unmatched and things are only going to get better with time.

Talking of benefits, Facebook advertising is easy and can be learned by any business owner if he or she gives it enough attention. We have seen many business owners run their own Facebook marketing campaigns and that’s a positive sign. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the most important benefits of Facebook advertising and how it helps local businesses to grow their brand quickly.

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Why Facebook ads are important for a local business?

1. You Can Find Your Audience On Facebook

Believe it or not, Facebook has the largest online user base which is a total of 1.49 billion people from all around the world. Every year, Facebook receives 22 billion ad clicks which makes it one of the hottest online avenues to run paid advertising campaigns. It is the largest advertising opportunity for all businesses regardless of their size. If you have a target audience you want to show your ads to, you will most probably find it on Facebook.

2. Facebook Advertising Build Engagement

There are many businesses and brands that are looking to improve the user interaction on their business page or on the paid ads they run on Facebook. Facebook advertising does well when it comes to building engagement with your target audience. When you have a significant number of likes, comments, and other interactions on your content, it shows that people are finding your brand quite relatable. You should also invest in social media management for Facebook as it can dramatically improve your engagement rate and overall dominance on Facebook.

3. Facebook Ads Are Easy on Your Pockets

Why do you need to advertise on any online marketing channel? It is because you want to get online traction. On any other marketing channel, you might have to pay heavily to get the results. On Facebook, to get any engagement on your business page or get any organic activity on the page, you will have to pay a relatively lower amount of money. You will be blown away by what $5 can do for your business. Even if the amount seems high to you, you will be surprised to know the results this amount can bring in the long run.

4. Facebook Advertising is Measurable

When it comes to Facebook advertising, you can give the guesswork some rest. That’s true. There is no guessing work involved with Facebook ads. The amount you spend and the results you get are quantifiable and the performance of your campaigns can be easily tracked and analyzed. Numbers do not lie. Therefore, with all the information you will about the impressions, clicks, CPA, and conversions, you will be able to create a more informed Facebook Ad campaign in the future. To track the performance of your campaigns, you will have to generate the Facebook Pixel and install it on the sites you want to track.

5. Facebook Provides Precision Targeting Features

If you want to get exceptional results from your advertising campaigns, you will need to target your audience in the most precise and accurate way possible. Facebook allows advertisers to run different types of ads, and the level of granularity it provides is just outrageous. Advertisers have tons of options and tons of targeting options to choose from. From behaviors, interest, age, language, location, demographics, and other characteristics of the target audience, you can target just about any audience group you have in mind.

6. Remarketing Campaigns Can Boost Your Revenue

Remarketing is a huge thing on Facebook and it can really turn it around for your business. There are times when your website, mostly eCommerce, gets visitors who add products to the cart but do not make the purchase. Facebook helps you to get those potential customers back to your eCommerce website by running remarketing ad campaigns. This can literally boost your revenue significantly and help you bring back potential customers to complete the purchase.

7. Facebook Ads Provide New Highly Qualified Leads

The ability to generate new leads that are most likely to get converted for your business is something you will really enjoy when trying Facebook advertising. The feature we are talking about here is called Lookalike Audience. With the help of lookalike audience, you can take your list of customers that have already converted and upload it onto Facebook. Facebook is smart and will use the characteristics of the customers to generate unique leads for you. There are many ways to build lookalike audiences. You can do it the way we discussed or you build it with conversion pixels.

8. Easily Build Your Email List and Blog Traffic

If you have a blog you want to drive traffic to, you have landed just in the right place. You already know how powerful Facebook advertising is when it comes to targeting audiences, right? You can use the targeting to drive significant traffic to your blog and with the help of gated content, build your email list.

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